Profit Strategies For A Successful Future

  • Dramatically increase average service ticket
  • Virtually eliminate all profit sucking call-backs
  • Generate hundreds upon hundreds of high quality replacement leads with virtually no cash outlay!

2 day financial success program designed to take you from where you are to where you’d like to be

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In order to design a more profitable future that ultimately leads to a saleable company and strategic exit strategy you have to determine where you presently are and then define your end goal along with an estimated timeline. It’s no different than planning a vacation or a trip to grandmas for Thanksgiving dinner. You know where you are starting, you know where you’d like to go, you know how much time you have to get there, so you then determine your route.

On the first day of the program all attendees will be asked to bring some sort of a financial statement or balance sheet (they will not have to share it but they will have to know what it says) in order to determine where they are now as far as business and profitability are concerned and to provide them with a starting point

After defining their starting point attendees will discuss how to determine a reasonable goal based on their capabilities to determine where they want to go and start getting a general plan together to create an exit strategy or assure they have a saleable business.

Day 1 Starting the Business Plan

Designing A Business Plan

We will begin in class with an online business plan software program and they will be instructed to finish program as homework the first night. The software requires an investment on $11.99 per month or about $144 for the first year and includes an online dashboard to allow you to compare actual results against goals to guide you with creating an action plan that will last for an entire year.

Creating a Manpower Projection

Increasing sales or service will most often require more manpower and since finding new hires can be a complicated process an in place, forward looking manpower plan is necessary. If a contractor waits to start hiring until he needs new hires, his business plan will falter and suffer. In the class the attendee will create a manpower list to determine when and how to begin the recruiting process.

Recruiting techniques, procedures and strategies

Recruiting new workers in any capacity requires much planning, creating ads that pull, devising a plan for hiring technically oriented people into the business from other industries, developing a program to entice newly graduated students from technician programs and finding the right administrative and sales people. The class will include specific tips on how to hire new recruits, how to test them for compatibility and improve the likelihood of the new hire becoming a long term valued employee.

Making the numbers happen

After the business plan is brought back into the class the second day and reviewed, the attendee will then begin to determine what activities have to be begun in order to create the revenue numbers and how to assure these activities are performed . After the action plan is determined and tied to the revenue plan, the attendee will learn how to develop easy to use and understand reports that will allow him to log on to the dashboard, compare actual results to goals and determine a plan of action to assure goals are met or exceeded.


A portion of the second day will also be devoted to how to train new hires, retrain longer term employees and which training programs provided by their DSO’s will help them reach their goals.


Since sales are an integral part of the business growth and tie back into the business revenue plan the 5 step selling process will be covered along with the basics all mangers must know in order to increase closing ratios and a tracking method to keep momentum.


Sales can only occur if we have an ongoing marketing program and in the class you will learn how to determine a marketing budget and plan to provide the necessary leads you need to generate the sales you want!


A follow-up plan will be put in place with all attendees that will utilize their online business plan and reporting capabilities. All attendees will be encouraged to interact with me for the following year by phone and with their TM’s on a regular basis to maintain progress towards goals.


The instructors for the program will be Joe Cunningham assisted by Ben Stark.

Joe and Ben coach business leaders to think differently. Doing things the same way will keep getting the same results. Companies learn to measure the handful of KPIs that really matter! Focus and goal achievement creates growth. More measurements will not guarantee better results. Explore how other CEOs and business owners have broken down barriers and smashed through organizational barriers to grow their business and increase their profits. We will revise and implement enhanced systems, evaluate the key results, and re-execute to achieve corporate and personal success.

Areas of concentration include implementing the "right: KPIs, 1 and 3 year strategic plans, enhancing operations management, ongoing manager training, and testing and hiring the right personnel.