Technician Customer Communication Skills

  • Dramatically increase average service ticket
  • Virtually eliminate all profit sucking call-backs
  • Generate hundreds upon hundreds of high quality replacement leads with virtually no cash outlay!

Technician Customer Communication Skills Class

Technician Customer Communication Skills

In today’s society, a service technician creates a lasting first impression of a company’s professionalism and ability to properly serve a customer.

Providing a service technician with the proper skills, tools and techniques to make a great presentation of himself and the company is critical in growing a dynamic customer base.

In the Technician Customer Communications Skills class the front line employees learn how to create an indelible impression on a customer that causes the customer to trust your company, your  technician and  the tech’s recommendations.

The attendee of the program will learn to confidently introduce him or herself, become proficient in customer education in regards to advising a customer what needs to be done to his existing system whether that means a simple repair or replacement with high efficiency equipment introduce various options and possible upgrades and maximize all opportunities while increasing the level of communication and awareness between the company and customer necessary to create a profitable service organization.

Happy Customer communicating with technician

The technician will also learn to develop new skills, learn to understand different learning styles in customers so he can better relate to and educate them and utilize new communication tools created specifically for the HVAC residential contractor.

The tech will also discover the importance of providing service at a level beyond most customers’ expectations to help their company grow a large loyal customer base. This will include introducing the customer to service agreements, uncovering any needs a customer has in regards to a comfort system and collecting referrals from them.

This program has among the highest approval and implementation rating of any training program performed in the HVAC industry.

Training season of Technician Customer Communication Skills

The technicians that have been trained in this method are without a doubt the highest performing and producing technicians in the country.

This dynamic two day customized selling skills program covering the following topics:

Skilled Technician

  • How to be an exceptional technician
  • Creating a customer-centric positive image
  • Overcoming the reluctance to change
  • Making a positive initial impression
  • Understanding the different learning styles of people and how to relate to them
  • Discovering how you learn to maximize your communication and teaching abilities
  • Developing the skills necessary to becoming an excellent customer educator
  • Learning how to explore opportunities
  • Explaining technical issues in a non-technical venue
  • Introducing options and providing sensible solutions
  • Introducing the Service Agreement
  • Creating a repeat customer
  • Understanding when and how to introduce replacement options
  • Generating hundreds of leads
  • Offering additional products and services
  • Introducing IAQ
  • The importance of radius marketing and how to do it
  • Asking for referrals

All attendees will receive the following items when attending class:

  • Interactive work book to follow entire 2 day class
  • Written test/ study guide forms to increase retention
  • Lead generation information
  • Suggested list of additional reading and listening materials