Lead Generation

  • Dramatically increase average service ticket
  • Virtually eliminate all profit sucking call-backs
  • Generate hundreds upon hundreds of high quality replacement leads with virtually no cash outlay!

A sales program is only as good as the lead generation plan that feeds it because without leads the best salesperson in the world can’t sell a thing.

Lead generation Strategy

And if you’re searching for a way to create a source of high quality leads for your company, you’ve come the Lead Generation In  A Challenging Market program is the right training program for you to attend!

The program begins by discussing Marketing which is essentially a procedure by which a company reaches out to find prospects and takes them on a journey to ultimately get the prospect involved with the business and provide them with the services and products they deserve.

And Marketing’s primary function is to provide a company with a source of leads and prospects that the company can do this with and that leads us to today’s inescapable truth You will never make any money in any service business until the day you realize you’re a marketing company that provides services not a service company that only markets to survive, The lead generation program is a 1 day intense hands on program designed to help a contractor enhance their lead flow, avoid slow seasonal periods, increase sales and improve profitability, something most contractors need to improve dramatically.

The suggested audience for this program is business owners, managers and any office staff related to the lead generation process and the primary topics to be covered are The Lead Generation Process, both Internal Lead Generation and external Lead Generation, being prepared and then creating a lead generation calendar.

Internal Lead generation begins with the service and maintenance department so the class will cover how to drive technician generated leads and the procedures to follow up through to the sale. It covers the utmost important subject the importance of Creating a Lead Focused Culture, How to capture the leads in the field, how to best follow up, and what tools to use to make the tasks easy to perform and also covered will be external lead generation beginning with Direct Mail and the various Types of mailers, how to write and make the most of your mailers and how to find the lists you need to begin mailing.

Covered in depth will be Telemarketing, how to set up the processes and procedures, how to find the callers, finding a telemarketing compliant list and also discussed will be Email marketing, how to create the offer, acquire the list and how to send out email blasts to thousands of new prospects also being reviewed is the importance of a Website, the building of the site, SEO and its importance today, the need for Blogs and videos  and we will even cover how to write, produce and generate high impact results creating you-tube videos that will push you to the top of your rankings.

Just as importantly as generating leads we will cover the skills necessary track your incoming leads and the importance of dispatching leads for maximization when the attendees come to the program here’s what they will receive/  Preliminary questionnaire to focus their questions and begin a plan, a calendar to begin developing a personalized lead generation program, Scripts to better capture incoming lead sources, Lead Logging documents to track lead sources, workbooks to follow  the process, strategic list for outsourcing processes, templates to create blogs, and video templates to create marketing videos.

Here is what the attendees will achieve, they will have an enhanced awareness of the marketing functions in their business, they will develop a marketing calendar to help overcome seasonality, have a better understanding of the marketing process and how to capture more business and the creation of a system that will allow for ongoing lead generation and a follow up process

And prior to the program attendees receive the help they need to prepare with a short easy to fill out questionnaire that will provide some info about current lead generation processes and procedures and it will serve as a guide to help prepare for the program.

So if you want to be able to create a steady stream of customers that live in an area convenient for you to work and likely to buy the products and services you offer you won’t want to miss this great opportunity.

Here’s the curriculum!

Lead Generation In Today’s Challenging Markets

  • What’s Happening In Your Business
  • Determining where you are in business and where you need to grow
  • Defining you lead requirements
  • Generating Leads Today Is A Cultural Business Change
  • Everyone in the company must be involved
  • Selling the culture to your company
  • Today’s inescapable truth
  • You will never make any money in the HVAC business until the day you realize you’re a marketing company that provides ac services not an ac company that only markets to survive
  • How to generate more leads
  • The Lead Generation Philosophy
  • Lead generation is an every call, every day process, you must operate like every day is payday and we have beat the checks to the bank
  • Creating A Lead Process
  • Developing a lead program
  • Requires a multi-step approach
  • Internal
  • Lead generation through the perfect service call and technicians on every call
  • Making lead generation fool-proof
  • Managing the process
  • External
  • Direct mail
  • The importance of distributor coordination
  • Outbound phone calls
  • How to find lists
  • How to find and train callers
  • Media advertising
  • Electronic
  • Beating your competition to the first page
  • SEO
  • Use a professional to guide you
  • What you must do yourself
  • Driving the SEO forward
  • Finding the most prevalent keywords
  • Writing a blog
  • Use a proven template
  • Converting your blog to video
  • Utilizing an easy format and outsourcing technical procedures easily and inexpensively
  • Managing Leads
  • How to track your leads
  • Dispatching leads for maximization
  • Following up on lead coordination